Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rock Band Concert Tee, Blazer and Studded Shorts

Hi everyone! Let me start off by saying I am  trying to get more people to come to the site, and will be updating and adding new clothing, accessories and hair almost daily. So, if you could, please take the time to click "bookmark" in your chosen browser menu (Probably under "Tools"), Click "Follow", add Sims Drugs and Rock N Roll to your RSS feed, or just keep checking back! So, as I said, even more stuff coming soon, so enjoy! And don't forget to leave a comment! It's much appreciated...

I try to stay true to my own style when uploading clothing to the site, so  you can always trust that my uploads will be in keeping with the theme of "Sims, drugs and rock 'n roll", so if that's your style or the look your Sim is  going for, look no further!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Christian Louboutin Spiked- Toe Pumps!!

These shoes are hot and dangerous... haha. Download button below.

Christian Dior Eyelashes

What;s great about these lashes is that they're uner the accesories category so they can be used with eyeliner aswell, since most lashes are under the "eyeliner" category meaning you can't wear any other liner with them. So enjoy! And thanks to MASims for making these!

Alexander McQueen Skull Ring!!

This absolutely amazing Alexander McQueen skull ring is now available for your Sims, as seen below. Click the link to download from MASims3, and as usual, thanks to it's original creator. This particular ring's mesh is copyrighted, so you can't use it for your own creations, sorry!

Native American Dreamcatcher Earrings

Now for some absolutely brilliant and totally hippie - vintage looking dreamcatcher earrings! Thanks to Dasha once again for these! Click the link to go to her site for download.

More Modern Rings for Sims

Hello! Here are some more moern rings for your Simmies! They sort of remind me of Lady Gaga or that kind of style! Have fun dressing up your Sims in these chic accesories for females. Many thanks and all credit goes to their creator Dasha Kirilova! 

Happy Simming!

Vintage Chic Hipster Ring

Thanks to Dasha Kirilova for making this chic, vintage inspired, and very hipster looking ring. Hope you and your Simmies enjoy it!